Hi there! It’s Julie.

Welcome to CuedUp! I've been teaching fitness for over 10 years. During that time I’ve also tried many different types of workouts. Low-impact movement has been consistently valuable. Previously, I used to think I had to workout for a certain length of time to achieve positive benefits for my body and to feel better. Then, I realized the power in short and effective movement workouts. Taking small steps each day towards my fitness goals was extremely powerful for me. 

Whenever I taught classes or private sessions, I asked participants how they were feeling and tried to get an understanding of what they needed that day. (It's always been important to me that workouts are tailored to what the body needs on a given day.) I get tremendous satisfaction when students feel like a program was tailored to their needs.  I hope that CuedUp can bring this same feeling to you: a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. It can be very motivating when we take time to prioritize health and wellness.  The great news is that it doesn't require hours each day!

I hope CuedUp helps you discover the power of short and effective movements. I truly believe our program can help you to feel better mentally and physically.  Taking a few moments for yourself and your health is so important. CuedUp makes targeted and efficient workouts accessible to you!

- Julie Lenahan

“As someone who is always on the road, I struggled to find a way to keep my workout momentum. Depending on where I’m going or staying, I can’t always bring equipment and a mat. This all changed with Julie’s CuedUp videos. She has created bite-sized workouts you can stack and truly do anywhere. I typically do 3 of the intermediate toning videos and one stretch which is a targeted full-body workout in 30 minutes. I love that I can have [my workout] on-demand with an instructor I trust and know I’ll see results.”


Barriers Removed

You shouldn't have to restructure your day to incorporate simple and effective movement.

Toning, stretching, and mobility-focused workouts can improve your everyday movement, energy and wellbeing.
 Our workouts can fit into many lifestyles, whether you have 5 minutes or longer.
CuedUp fitness workouts are:
  • Non-Sweaty
  • Low Impact
  • Time Conscious
  • Tailored To Your Needs
Our goal is to teach you how to move your body in a slow and controlled way so you can reap the benefits of low impact movement with as little fuss as possible.
Select workouts can help you minimize focus on certain sensitive areas such as your shoulders, knees, and wrists, while still achieving a quality workout.
 The Cue Creator gives you control over your workout, enabling a customized movement solution to fit your needs.
Then, just $19.99 per month.
Then, just $199 per year

CuedUp Fitness Workouts Are


A beneficial way to stay moving and protected, without wreaking havoc on your joints.


The length of your workout shouldn’t impact its quality.


You’re in control. Let’s focus on your movement goals, from stability to flexibility.


You don’t have to sweat to get in a good workout (that’s a myth!)

“I did a standing abs workout this morning while my kids were eating breakfast, I loved it!”


This is Your Cue to Act

CuedUp is perfect for you if you…
  • Crave something simple and beneficial
  • Don’t have hours to move each day
  • Have limitations you need to accommodate
  • Believe that small wins can improve your mental health
  • Feel like working out has become a burden
  • Want to get in a good workout without sweating
  • Are looking for a reset in order to get your focus back